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Algorithm Request: Gate with Pre/Post Triggering and Better Slow Gear

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Algorithm Request: Gate with Pre/Post Triggering and Better Slow Gear

August 08, 2018 - 03:05 pm

I know there have already been suggestions of either a global noise gate and/or a specific algorithm designed primarily around gating.  A stand-alone gating algorithm would be particularly cool if it could use the "Pre" signal (in the Pre/Post mode) for tracking/triggering the gate, but then apply the gate to the "Post" signal (e.g., pedals such as the Decimator II G String have separate jacks for achieving this).  Then you could dial in gated fuzz/distortion tones out of analog dirt boxes in the Pre/Post loop that don't otherwise have their own gates.

In addition, a stand-along gating algorithm could really improve upon the auto-swell "slow gear" type effect.  Although that effect can be somewhat obtained from other algos (DynaVerb, TremoloPan), much could be done to make it more usable and customizable.  Particularly useful would be granular control over the speed of the swell and being able to assign that to an expression pedal.  For example, heel down could have no swell, toe down could have a long swell.  Thus, rather than riding a volume pedal to swell each note, you could just fine tune the swell length via expression pedal.