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Best way to edit H9 preset lists?

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Best way to edit H9 preset lists?

silver_mica (My Eventide Gear)
June 22, 2018 - 08:22 pm

I'm editing a preset list on my H9 using several lists and using presets stored in Control.   This is a lot more than saving a couple of presets or saving an incremental tweak.   I'm looking for a way to edit a lot of stuff with ease - such as moving ten presets over at once or copying multiple presets at once. Changing my mind and re-arranging - and so on.   The iPad isn't suitable for large edits.  

It would be great to create a preset list on my Apple computer (2015 MacBook Pro) - but Control never connected to any of my H9s and if they did it was ultra flakely (basically totally not usable).  I'd love to use a keyboard and be able to select multiple things at once - move them around easily and etc.

At the moment I'm pondering using a text editor.  I noticed that it's easy to copy preset lists - then send them out using email.  I have lists on the H9 units and my iPad.  I could use an ordinary text editor to quickly assemble a new preset list from multiple lists.   Good idea?   Or bad?