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Broken SawTooth - 66 HotSawz Presets

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Broken SawTooth - 66 HotSawz Presets

November 19, 2018 - 07:38 am

Sixty-six added [U]ser presets for the new HotSawz algorithm, in a 66-Preset [L]ist for the H9.

Why 66?  Along with the 33 shipping [F]actory presets, these will total up to a full 99-preset load for the H9.  Apologies in advance for any similarities to the [F]actory offerings.  I never load them up until I've really learned a new algorithm for myself.  I started this [L]ist with some organization in mind: leads / pads, filter features, rhythms, pitch sweeps & effects ...  Ended up with a variety pack towards the end.

Drag 'n' drop over the Preset List tab in H9 Control 3.5.0, or go to Settings -> 'Import presets or preset lists'. Every preset (except #66) includes integrated expression pedal control. To utilize the new HotSawz algorithm, download the H9 update 5.6.0 [0] here:

Broken Sawtooth Preset List:

  1. Formant Slapper
  2. Pizza Gato
  3. Porta Minimum
  4. Vari-Attack Synz
  5. Side Saddle Bass
  6. Attack Resonance
  7. Hoover Cleanup
  8. Pastoral Scene
  9. Chiffs And Chirp
  10. Plectromatic XL5
  11. Multi Detune
  12. Popcorn Shrimp
  13. Orchestral Stab
  14. Gator Tail Hold
  15. Throbbing Fingers
  16. Under Currents
  17. Sick Brass Lead
  18. Double Vocalizer
  19. Synth Crescendos
  20. Double 2 Octaves
  21. Thump Underfoot
  22. Picked Dynamics
  23. Tsunami Filteron
  24. Giant Steps
  25. Rebreather Masks
  26. Duck Wave Runner
  27. Growler Feedback
  28. Mutant TremBots
  29. Huey Loose
  30. Clipped Rumbler
  31. Chugging Contest
  32. Acid Racquetball
  33. Highest Tensions
  34. Trill Trails
  35. Radioactive Pups
  36. Bending Hammeron
  37. Drowning Victim
  38. Castrato Bender
  39. Sabre Cycles
  40. Delay AfterShock
  41. Pitch Blips
  42. Pitch Wobble
  43. Slice-O-Whammy
  44. Whole Tone Bent
  45. Slide Whistles
  46. Bam Wham Thanks
  47. Dog Whistles
  48. In A Progression
  49. Tremolo Logical
  50. Filter Wub Wub
  51. Hammer On Nail
  52. Glider Wing Span
  53. Sweet Tart Burst
  54. Mushroom Sirens
  55. Ghostly Attacker
  56. Synful Doublers
  57. Pitch Black Echo
  58. Buldging Blipper
  59. Dramamine Synths
  60. Falling Downward
  61. Hesitant Stutter
  62. Gravel Road Bend
  63. Twister Tuning
  64. Chicken Pluckers
  65. Rhythmic Flutter
  66. HotSawz Blank PR  [preset programming template]
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Given To Fly
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Given To Fly
November 19, 2018 - 01:13 am

That is a ballsy title. My expectations will be really high. surprise

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Joined: Mar 26 2017
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November 19, 2018 - 02:15 am

I can’t wait to get started on these!

I started digging into the HotSawz controls yesterday, and there’s a lot packed in there. It’s like a Moog for the guitar.

Joined: Jul 20 2017
Posts: 59
November 19, 2018 - 08:21 am

Hey Brock - Thanks for the presets! You always deliver the goods. Can't wait to check them out.
I've just started digging into Hotsawz and managed to save a few patches. Best results I've had are from adding additional effects. Dropping an overdrive after Hotsawz really adds some needed punch. And, of course, all the great harmonizers, verbs and echoes in the Eventide arsenal open up lots of options. Thanks again!

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Eventide Staff
Joined: Jan 9 2018
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November 19, 2018 - 12:10 pm

Just played through all of them and loved them. I like that your presets mixed in the dry sound. Most of our factory presets have the MIX parameter of 100, which I think we could have done better. Your presets are exactly what I want. Thank you very much. Maybe you should also share them here so more users can see?

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Joined: Mar 26 2017
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November 20, 2018 - 07:53 am

Having dry works really well. It seems that it would also be great to use wet/dry to send the guitar signal to a fuzz, and the synth signal straight through.

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Joined: Jan 3 2010
Posts: 991
November 20, 2018 - 12:07 pm

Great idea on the wet/dry split.  Seems like it'd be a nice fit for davebrubaker's 'Power Of Three' thread.  Wet2 / Dry1 for HotSawz, Wet1 / Dry 2 on a 2nd H9, loaded with one of the 3 digi-stortion algorithms.  I want to try that with a 'hybrid' series / parallel / series routing, to see how it all sums back to mono.

As for the single H9 dry / wet MIX, you can create some nice 'distortions' from HotSawz alone.  Subtle, or not-so-subtle.  MIX up the 'harmonics', tweak down the FILTER.  Let it 'bloom' after the initial (dry) pick attack.  Dial in some 'finger vibrato', or an amazing-sounding 'Uni-Growl' from sweeping detuned oscillators.

Driven Crane
Joined: Nov 30 2017
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Driven Crane
November 20, 2018 - 06:18 pm

Thank you very much! Very nice and operative job!

Joined: Jul 29 2015
Posts: 58
November 20, 2018 - 06:24 pm

Big thank you for this!! I couldn’t figure out how to get the best out of the new algorithm. Brilliant work. Cyber beer on its way cheers.

Joined: Dec 9 2016
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November 21, 2018 - 09:33 pm

Thank You Brock, for the presets. Really cool! Makes me play differently, especially picking technique and double notes on some

of the presets. Thanks of posting.

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Joined: Jan 3 2010
Posts: 991
November 28, 2018 - 02:30 pm

Given To Fly wrote:

38:  Castrato Bender

That is a ballsy title. My expectations will be really high. surprise

Less ballsy than most, I imagine.  And I really don't want to imagine.  I try to give presets unique, yet descriptive names.  Those descriptions might only make sense to me; filtered through my sense of humor.

Let's face it:  Many of these presets are intentionally weird.  Showcase-y.  I tried to balance that with bread 'n' butter presets.  Oddly enough, I'm finding those roles often reversed now, as I use them more.

I mentioned the expression pedal integration in passing.  For a few presets, that might only mean subtle MIX or rate changes.  But I think the EXP PED variations are key here.  In most cases, the intent is to dynamically switch between two distinct synth types, or programming extremes.  Play it like a volume pedal.

If no expression pedal is available, it might be worth dialing up the HotKnob, or ribbon strip in H9 Control.  There's a lot of fine-tuning to be had in the 'morphing' positions between Heel & Toe.

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Joined: Mar 26 2017
Posts: 83
November 29, 2018 - 12:34 pm

The expression/hotknob parameters are essential. It’s like twiddling the filter knob on a real synth.