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Footswitch Problem

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Footswitch Problem

February 19, 2016 - 12:20 pm


with my H9 MAX I'm using a Y-cable, the stereo TRS is  plugged into the Exp jack of the H9, then one end (mono) is plugged into a LINE6 EXP-1 expression pedal and the other end (mono) is plugged into a Digitech FS3X footswitch.

On the H9 App, under the General Settings, the Use Expression Pedal,Aux switch or Both, it is set to BOTH. Under AUX Switch mappings I've assigned the Performance Switch to the Foot Switch 2 (Ring) and Increment and Load Preset is assigned to the Foot Siwtch 1 (Tip) and Decrement and Load Preset is assigned to the Footswitch 3 (Tip + Ring)

I've noticed the the only One switch of my Digitech FS3X is working and is recognized from the H9 Control, the other two foot switches don't work or are not recognized, their assignments are loose after switching back to the H9 Control previous setting page. Another strange behaviour is that  two of the footswitches ( in my case FSW 1 and FSW 2)  take control over the same identical function, in fact they correspond with  the Perfomance switch.

Also I see the following Window Error message: " Comunication Error!  An error occurred while communicating witht the H9 device .  The stompbox is not responding. Please verify that is still connected. ( Error code MessageConstants::sm_response_timeout)  

The Exp pedal works fine.

Where am I wrong? What can I do?