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Getting this Bass Sound with the H9

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Getting this Bass Sound with the H9

May 31, 2017 - 11:51 am

Random Post,

I am attempting to mimic the following Bass Sounds with the H9, listen to the following link.

The Bass Player is Oteil Burbridge and I know he is using a modulus 6 string, that is part of the sound, I know. The catch is, I am trying to do so on a 4 string Jazz or P.

I have gotten pretty close to this sound by lightly using some octave, sustain and clean boost, but I am still missing a bit of that low end punch.

Is there a preset on the H9 that could me get close to this sound?

FYI I have an array of effects, an H9 max and a nice fat ampeg stack to match.

Thanks in advance.