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H9 Preset Mode / Play mode Midi

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H9 Preset Mode / Play mode Midi

January 26, 2017 - 07:38 pm


How to switch from Looper mode to Preset mode via Midi ?


It's ok to enter in looper (FS1 CC) but I can't exit looper mode with Midi.


Is the FS2 MIDI CC engaged 3 seconds will work ?


It's not writen in documentation:


Doc :

Preset Mode Pressing and holding the Right Footswitch, toggles between Looper and Preset Mode. Preset Mode is for loading a new preset and, when using the Looper, you should remain in Looper Mode. In Preset Mode, the Footswitches do not operate as Looper transport controls. (Note: normal Tap Mode Functionality of the Right Footswitch is disabled for Looper Presets). 


Thank you :)