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Help for first-time user - Timefactor

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Help for first-time user - Timefactor

August 23, 2020 - 09:13 pm


I just picked up a used Timefactor and am having a hard time getting it connected correctly.  For the most part I will be using it with a Marshall JVM which has a Parallel/Series effects loop.  I've always used the loop in parallel mode, because I like having the dry signal come through as well.  I've tried a number of different combinations with the Timefactor...both with the loop in series and parallel, and with KillDry both on and off, and different Bypass modes...but every time I get it set up to work for one thing, then it doesn't for something else.

One way I was hoping to use the Timefactor was with the dual delays running in series rather than have the two delays cascading over each other.  I found a "hack" for doing this on the forum here...running a patch cable from Output 1 to Input 1, then running Output 2 back to the amp.  This worked great going straight into the front end of my homebrew Princeton, but not so well in the loop of the JVM.

Since I typically run the JVM's loop in Parallel, I get phasing uniess I turn on the KillDry on the Timefactor.  This was working fine until I try running the dual delays in series as described above.  When I do that, I cannot hear Delay's just gone, all I get is Delay B.  If i turn KillDry off, then I get both delays, but then I get phasing!  It doesn't make sense, why would KillDry kill Delay A??  Does it somehow get routed to the parallel signal?? I realize running the delays in series is not really the way the unit was intended to be used, so maybe there is no good solution here??  But I thought I'd ask.