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Missing Rose Pedals

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Missing Rose Pedals

nsanchez (Eventide Staff) (My Eventide Gear)
July 20, 2020 - 09:41 am

Dear Rose Pedal Customer,

It has come to our attention that a number of these products have been sold or are being offered for sale on eBay by seller thecobracache and possibly by others. Unfortunately, these are DEFECTIVE units, with a variety of faults.  

Eventide uses a contract manufacturer (CM) for this product. The normal sequence of events is that the CM will ship a large quantity of units to Eventide, where they will be tested and, if satisfactory, will be packaged and sold by Eventide and by our authorized distributors as “New” units to end users. If units are defective, we normally send them back to the CM for rework. In the case of these defective pedals, part of a return shipment to the CM went missing while in the possession of the carrier, and eventually were offered on eBay. They are neither “New” nor, necessarily, fully or even partially functional depending on the nature of the defect(s).

We are in the process of investigating exactly how the units went missing and working with the shipping company and the authorities to determine the next step. If you purchased one of these known-defective units on eBay, we understand your disappointment. Unfortunately, and for obvious reasons, Eventide can not compensate you or exchange your defective unit for a new one. We understand that you may have purchased this product based on inaccurate claims, and as matter of good customer relations, we will evaluate and possibly be able to repair the pedal if you want us to. We do not promise we will do so or even that it can be repaired, as CM issues often require rework beyond our expertise.  

This is an unfortunate situation for us all. If our investigation is fruitful, we will post an update on this thread.