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Mixing link DI/line out hiss

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Mixing link DI/line out hiss

July 08, 2020 - 09:40 am


I have a Mixing link set up on a pedadlboard using it with a clip on mic to run through some pedals and usually using DI or line out to a PA.

But there seemes to be a lot of hiss coming through the DI out.  If I have the dip at DI an connect to a mixing board via XLR to a Mic level channel I get a lot of hiss sound.

And it dosen't matter if anything is connected or not, all gains to zero and the input knob at -20db , this seemes to be a general hiss on the output.

This is a fairly new unit, about a year old and has always been sitting on my pedalboard, in a case. 

Is this an issue you are aware of, are there faulty units around ?   This is unusable like that.

the serial nr. is MX-03603