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Modfactor MIDI control with Ground Control

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Modfactor MIDI control with Ground Control

June 07, 2008 - 06:57 pm

I purchased the Modfactor because I was told that it would solve my dilemma of having to drag a rack of effects with me at every gig.  What I want to do is have all of my guitar effects/control in the pedalboard so that, like with the rack gear, I can use a single program change to change amp channel, choose an effect and engage the effect or, pick another program and have the effects bypassed.  I was told that the MF would do all of this.  I also intend to pick up the TimeFactor if this works out.  I have however run into a few issues.

Granted, I?ve spent about 3 hours with the unit and the manual, I have thus far not been able to control the unit the way it was explained to me.  I hope someone can help.

Example problem:

Program 01 on my Ground Control (GC) should be my amp clean channel (Ch 1) and no effects (MF bypassed).  ). Ironically, it does this out of the boxWhen I switch to program 2 on my GC, the MF engages program 2:1.  I don?t want that, I would like this to also be bypassed.  I went into the MIDI control and set the MF program for my GC program to ??? (i.e. nothing) and now it no longer switches the MF to program 2:1 (unless it was there last) but it does enable the effect (what ever effect was cued up last).  So, what it looks like is, I can assign an effect patch to a program change with my GC but I cannot seem to control whether or not the effect is enabled or not.  I found where I can set the Bypass toggle in MIDI control but this doesn?t seem to correspond to the specific program change from the GC.  It is kind of random. 

What I simply want to do is assign a MF program and set whether or not the effect is engaged to a single program change from my Ground Control.  (i.e. GC program 21 = MF program 3:1 and effect is engaged).  Can this be done or, is what I?m experiencing how it really works (You can control the MF program but NOT the program AND whether or not the program is on or off).

Can anyone give me some tips?

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June 16, 2008 - 03:02 am
Hi, I posted this some weeks ago: Hi All, I have the Time & Mod Factor and am attempting to use these with my Eclipse in a MIDI setup controlled by a Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro. First up I have no problems selecting programs and controlling the devices over MIDI with this set up. However a suggestion for a future OS??.. The Ground Control has an instant access setup which basically allows dedicated control of a CC. In my case I use it to select bypass and global tap tempo. The problem I have is that when I select CC bypass on the Mod & Time Factor the LED on the Ground Control lights (on status) but the Mod & Time Factor go into "bypass" rather than "on" This is not an uncommon problem with MIDI bypass, however its solved on COOL units like the Eclipse (!) by an in depth MIDI setup function. So suggestion would be can the "polarity" of the MIDI bypass status be switched so the controller and unit are in "sync"? Also, another MIDI feature I would like to see, and its similar to the Eclipse. Can the MIDI Tap Tempo respond to a "global" MIDI channel i.e. lets say the Time & Mod receive on channel 1 & 2 respectively. Can tap be set to say MIDI ch 4 cc1 ? The advantage being only 1 tap tempo cc needs to be assigned to control multiple units on differnet MIDI channels. Thanks