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Modfactor Mutron III - Garcia-esque Preset Using Q-Wah

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Modfactor Mutron III - Garcia-esque Preset Using Q-Wah

November 20, 2018 - 06:55 am

I tweaked these settings to sound similar to Estimated, Fire on the Mountain, and/or Shakedown. Note that the Mutron "up" button position (like what is used on the outro jam of Dancin' in the Streets circa 77) is not covered here. 

It's not perfect, but it's workable. I used to have a Mutron III, and even with that, the Garcia stuff is more from your fingers and picking than from the effect.... meaning even with the Mutron, you can drasticly alter the output of the effect. Pick softly for a "wh"and pick harder for a "waaaah". Also, I had much better results when using a compressor in front of the Mutron.

Now, with the Modfactor, I can get pretty close. I am actually using an acoustic guitar. An electric guitar is likely to get MUCH better results. Note that you may have to tweak the Intensity and Depth values especially, as these seem to have the most impact based on the strength of the guitar signal. Once again, I get better results with some subtle compression used in front of the effect. 


Intensity: 52

Type: Bass Wah

Depth: 52

Speed (Sensitivity): 60

Shape: Envelope

Xknob (Base): 15

For intensity, lower values are less full sounding; higher values get blown out by opening the wah too far... gets kind of treble-y. You need to find the sweet spot somewhere in the middle.

The lower row of knobs on the Modfactor seem to have no effect, or are so subtle that I didn't hear much of a difference in the sound.


Good luck!


p.s. I tried to upload a sample mp3... but only image file types are allowed. Seems to me an mp3 might be a useful and applicable file type, but I understand storage capacity might be a consideration.

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July 24, 2020 - 08:41 am


I would suggest to update ModFactor firmware to get better Qwah - thing is now it is not like Q-tron or other AutoWah pedals - resonanse and cutoff fades very slow, I would like to have option of changing effect decay speed.