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Rose Delay Questions on Aux Switches

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Kurt Leege
Joined: Jan 22 2020
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Rose Delay Questions on Aux Switches

Kurt Leege
January 22, 2020 - 04:43 pm

Hi. I love my Rose Delay purchased a couple of months back, but am having some issues with functionality on a 3 button aux switch. I have it set to tap, decrement preset and a/b.

The a/b works fine. The tap sort of works, but it seems to often either double or half the tap that I put in - and further if I do a longer tap, it will put the initial delay at that tempo, but subsequent repeats at a much shorter interval.

The decrement preset does take the preset down a notch while flashing, but when the preset actually loads, it goes back to the preset it was on before I tapped the preset decrement.

I have the latest firmware update with all of the new features. Is this normal behavior for the pedal? Is there anything I can do to get the tap to simply go by the tempo I tap? Is there any way to get the new preset to actually load when I hit preset decrement?