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Is there a problem with the H9/Space Hall algorithm?

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Is there a problem with the H9/Space Hall algorithm?

August 20, 2020 - 12:42 pm

Question for those of you with a Space or H9. When you turn up the modulation on the Hall algorithm, does it not introduce a fizzy, resonant, harmonic noise when you play midrange sounds? It almost sounds like a bit reduction effect. It is particularly noticeable to me with 100% wet signal, when the High knob is down and the Contour and FxMix knobs are up. Turning modulation all the way down removes the noise, but without the modulation the Hall algorithm is very very flat, so it's kind of necessary.


Are you able to hear the same thing I'm hearing?


I can't unhear it, it comes and goes in volume but it's always there when the modulation is applied - and no it's not the sound of the modulation itself, unless the modulation is designed to actually introduce distorted noise that as far as I can tell sits on top of the reverb and isn't affected.


It's a shame because the Hall is otherwise the most useful and versatile algorithm for the Space!


Waiting to hear back from Eventide support at the moment (and yes I've tried all the obvious variables: instrument, power supply, audio cables, firmware, factory settings etc.)


Examples going from dry to wet, to wet with modulation:


Let me know if you can hear this sound :)