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TimeFactor + Behringer FBC1010

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TimeFactor + Behringer FBC1010

April 30, 2008 - 01:23 am
hi im new to this forum as im an considering picking up the timefactor pedal. i used to own a framus cobra which was midi equipped and i enjoyed changing amp channels as well as fx with my boss GT3 ive now sold the Cobra and gotten another framus amp (CS 30w Top) which has no midi in. im thinking of using the behringer FBC1010 relay switches plugged into my amps footswitch in to change channels and hopefully amp reverb on and off...but also to to conenct the behringer FBC1010 to the eventide time factor midi in (which will be in amps parrallel fx loop) to have multiple fx presets/bypass and tap tempo on the time factor as well as change amp channels. how easy is it to get the timefactor and the behringer to play well together? any tips as ill most likely be taking my head to the store to try out hte behringer as well as the time factor. so bassically i would want to be able to set a control to turn the timefactor on/off on a preset AND/OR also change amp channels. and store multiple ones on them. not so fussed if i cant get the tap tempo to sync up to the behringer as i can just tap the tempo on the time factor. cheers in advance guys.
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April 30, 2008 - 02:01 am

 Hi Johnny

any MIDI pedalboard will work with any MIDI product. It's a standard. The question though should really be how easy the MIDI controller is when programming it. I personally found the FBC quite horrible in this aspects. Others suggest using a computer editor for it. I prefer Rocktron or Digital Music Corp. pedalboards, by far.