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Tip for Updating to new TF 2.4.2(1)

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Tip for Updating to new TF 2.4.2(1)

February 07, 2010 - 09:01 pm

I was trying to update my TF software from 2.03 to 2.4.2 (1), but the Update Utility did not recognize my Factor pedal despite repeated attempts to reboot. I had to put the pedal into Update mode manually (power on while holding down the middle footswitch until "Update" appears). After doing so, I tried again, and the update was successful.

I just thought I'd offer this tip in case anyone wants to add it to the list of known problems with the Update Utility. I didn't see this particular workaround listed on the sticky.

I'm on a MacBook Pro running Mac OS 10.5.8

I hope this info. helps someone.