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Using 2 MIDI devices for H9

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Mart Hillen
Joined: May 2 2016
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Using 2 MIDI devices for H9

Mart Hillen
May 02, 2016 - 06:26 pm

Hi everybody,


I connected my pedalswitcher via a MIDI cable to my H9.

The pedalswitcher loads (via presets) different pedal-combinations from the pedals on my board,

and simultaniously loads the preset on the H9 which belongs to the preset from my pedalswitcher.

From now on its pretty standard...


I have a lot of different pedal-combinations (so a lot of different presets on the pedalswitcher), what i like to do is the next thing:

Add another MIDI device (between my pedalswitcher and the H9) to load other presets on the H9 and let the pedalswitcher 'untouched'.


For example:

I have a preset on my pedalswitcher which contains 2 overdrive pedals and chorus of the H9.

Now i need a little Delay of the H9 without changing presets on the pedalswitcher.

So i add another MIDI which loads the delay on the H9.


Is it possible?

And what MIDI pedal do you use?

The pedal needs a MIDI in and out.

I was thinking of the AMT FS-2 MIDI.


Let me hear what you think;)