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Using H9 Control app for the first time - TimeFactor

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Using H9 Control app for the first time - TimeFactor

May 16, 2016 - 11:29 am

Noob here...


I'm looking for the best way to tweak settings, save them as presets, and make a setlist using those presets. I'm still early on the learning curve for editing presets on the pedal, so I've just been lazy and using factory presets -- still sounds great but not EXACTLY what I was after and still having to make tweaks on the fly. I'd like to use the pedal for how it's intended (otherwise I'd just get a TC Electronic thing and be simple). I want to get everything set up in advance, with BPMs and all that saved in a setlist and then hit rehearsal like I'm actually prepared. :)


Would I...


a) keep the TimeFactor set up in my signal chain on my pedal board and make changes to each effect, then save them on the pedal, then pull it off my board to plug in to H9 control on my Mac and organize the new presets into a set list? Seems time consuming which is why I haven't gone down this road yet. 

b) plug in the TimeFactor to the Mac and do everything from here -- which is what seems easier b/c keeping everything in one interface -- but how do I hear the changes I'm making? Seems like it's not designed to work that way ... or is it?

c) do I just need to keep playing with the pedal instead of wasting time online looking for shortcuts? haha


Supa-noob. Help. Thanks.