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Workflow problems H9 Control (iPad)

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Workflow problems H9 Control (iPad)

December 23, 2016 - 08:55 pm

Workflow problems H9 Control (iPad)

My workflow is simple: I go to a preset list, choose a preset, go to that preset, play a bit guitar, tweak the preset a bit, save the tweaks, or don't save them.
THEN: when I go back to preset lists, often another preset list is visible/active and not the one I was in before I went to the preset. This irritates me. If I am lucky (mostly I am not) the same preset list is active, but then the active screen is at the start of the preset list. This is always the case: when you go to preset lists, the active screen is with preset 1. I would like it so much more that the active screen is where you left it earlier, if you understand me. I would like it so much more that when I choose the preset lists tab, that I see the screen that was active before I left the preset lists tab. Like reading a book from the page you were before. (Hope my English is understandable).

Conclusion: I wish that coming back to the preset lists tab would present me the same list that I was in just before I left it, and at the same place before I left it.