how to mod all pass filter?

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how to mod all pass filter?

October 10, 2013 - 07:45 am


how can i modulate allpass filter there is no mod insert on this module.

please i need to know if there is any way to do that.

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October 22, 2013 - 10:17 am

From modules manual:

In effect, this module is less like a filter and more like a repeating delay line. It is called an allpass filter because it has the unique characteristic of having a FLAT frequency response. This enables a user to cascade several allpass filters in series without generating excess coloration of the sound. This technique is typically used in reverberators to generate diffusion, a dense grouping of echoes.

Is there a chance you want the notch filter effect?

Joined: Feb 12 2008
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October 22, 2013 - 11:33 am

Hi DanielH,

thanks for your responds!

i am trying to build a phaser with all pass filter and i cant find a way to mod the all pass filter

i know there is PAHSESHIFT module that use all pass filter and i can mod it.

also how can i change the lfo to a sawtooth can you help me in this issue ?

i dont want to mod with tringale or sine.