the "Info" is missing from some modules

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the "Info" is missing from some modules

January 03, 2018 - 05:38 pm


i was looking the modules and i noticed that some modules don't have an "Info".


for example, when i press the "module info" of the SKMONITOR" i take a message that there is no help available on this module...


the same i noticed for a module that looks very interesting and i would love to ask you an info on this...

the module is under the  DELAY group and it's name is "MULTIDELAY".


I would love to add that it will be very helpful for us the users if for each module it will be an example of the usage of each specific module from the factory presets... 

like, in the "Module Info" of each module to be a name from the factory presets to show us how you use the modules that a user may don't know or understand.


Thank you in advance!  


Joined: May 5 2011
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no "Info" on some modules

January 09, 2018 - 06:17 am

since English is not my main language, i am afraid i was not clear on what i was trying to mention...


On some modules like the "MULTIDELAY" module, when i press the info in order to read the description of the module i got an error message that is mentioning that there is no info available for this module.

The same is true for other modules too.

I hope you will provide us info on those modules for us the Vsig users...

Thank you!

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Some modules do not have an

January 09, 2018 - 10:39 am

Some modules do not have an info section - this may be for various reasons:

1) The module is for Eventide use only.

2) The module is viewed as too difficult for us to encourage its use.

3) It's an experimental module that is subject to change.

4) It fell through the cracks.

Note that the Introduction to the Modules help section says: "Any modules that are not described in this manual should not be used and may well change or disappear without notice."