Some UI improvements

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Some UI improvements

August 01, 2021 - 07:48 am


had the time recently to jump back into VSIG after doing so back in the H7600 and H8000 days. There are some elements I don't find in the VSIG 3.0 which were around in the 2.x version and some that I think should be cconsidered.

1) While I am able to hide the connections depending on their type, I unfortunately have no option to hide the modules depending on their type. If I want to analyze my audio connections only it would be great to only see those modules and not control etc. I recall that was possible in the 2.x releases.

2) I would be happy if you could publishe a H9000 default database including the H9/Modfactory etc algos. For now it looks like only the H8000 algos are accesible to users when downloading directly from the H9000. Anything above 8350 is out but I would like to tweak the new ones, too.

3) It would be great if the module documentation window could be permanently docked to the left or right of the screen such that it is not in the way



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August 01, 2021 - 06:42 pm

Glad to hear that you're jumping back in. Thanks for the notes. I've made tickets for 1 and 3 in the feature tracking system. 2 won't happen though, because that'd make it too easy for competitors to copy Eventide.

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August 02, 2021 - 07:26 am

Thanks for taking the input. Understand what you are saying about (3)...

Hope at least the others will make it.