Use the H8000 as a MIDI controller / 1° Idea

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Use the H8000 as a MIDI controller / 1° Idea

April 18, 2013 - 01:38 pm

During these last days, I'm trying to create a custom patch with VSig.

By using  the Detector module  called " Pitch Detector" , I need to use the H8000 Pitch detector module to take control over some Filter and Resonator  parameters of my next rack Fx device ( a TC  Fireworx). Thta's my idea.

I'd want to do it by sending out  the Pitch Detector with a MIDI CC number through the  MIDI OUT  of my H8000 to the Midi In of my next  Fx device.  The TC fireworx is an open architeture machine and it can accept every kind of Midi message, in my case MIDI CC, to take control over any of its effect parameters.

With VSig, I've created a simple Pitch Detector module connected to the In 1, the Pitch out of the detector module is feeding a MIDICOUT module which sends a MIDI CC #3.

Said that, the next fx machine seems to don't receive anything from the H8000, where am I wrong?

can you help me? or give me any tip?

thanks a lot