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New Website Feature: My Eventide Gear

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New Website Feature: My Eventide Gear

nsanchez (Eventide Staff) (My Eventide Gear)
September 04, 2015 - 10:19 am

Greetings, fellow 'Tiders. We're happy to announce that we've added the ability for site members to upload pictures of their Eventide gear. Login to your account, click the Edit tab on your profile page and scroll down to the My Gear section. Once your gear is uploaded, you'll see an Eventide Gear badge below your name in your forum posts. 

Your My Gear page is publicly available, though your other profile pages are not. 

You can provide an introduction to your gear as well as upload up to 5 images of up to 1mb each.

You can also include titles and descriptions for each picture description using the alt and title fields, respectively.

We reserve the right to suspend or remove any any member account that we feel is abusing this feature for whatever reason. 

NB: It may be confusing that we use the alt attribute as the title of the image instead of the title attribute, but this is to remain consistent with the actual purpose of those attributes. In other words, the alt attribute is meant to provide an alternative description of the picture for screen readers, etc., whereas the title attribute is there to provide a "tool tip" when you hover over the image.