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This preset sets up a playback sampler, with each of the 20 samples being a 1/4 note long. Of course, that can change to any number of samples at any length (in 1-beat increments, and within the limitations of the Looper algorithm).

First, configure the preset below, then hit Record to sample in your 20-beat phrase.

Expression Pedal Heel: PLY-START = 1.0 BEATS

Expression Pedal Toe: PLY-START = 20.0 BEATS

After recording, hit Stop (optional with the AUTOPLAY set).
Change the PLY-LENGTH knob setting from 20.0 BEATS to 1.0 BEAT.
That can be done manually, in H9 Control, with an Aux switch, or over MIDI.
Resume Playback (if Stopped), or continue to AP:LOOP.
Use the Expression Pedal to select any 1/4 note sample from 1-20 for looping.
Change PLAYMODE to ONCE for one-shot phrase triggers.
The image below shows sample #4 looping, due to the current PLY-START position.


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