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Comet Trail Path

Featuring the wonderfully unique dynamic reversal of the Omnipressor. COMET TRAIL PATH is a medium room 'verb with a slow attack, and long decay. It begins to bloom between your input notes (OMNI-RATIO). The reverb is cut off by further input, and 're-triggered' by very low - or near silent - levels (THRESHOLD). A relatively short RELEASE time smooths out the tails.

The expression pedal accelerates & decelerates the comet speed as it flys by. Or ... it changes the apparent size and reflectivity of the medium room in a parked position. The HotSwitch punches in an infinite reverb, which fades away nicely over 10 seconds when unlatched. Combine both controls for hands-free manipulation of complex drones, and the accumulated wall of sound.


SpaceDynaVerbAnybrockJune 28, 2018265

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