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Create a note sequencer loop from a drone input.

Fade in a sustaining note or chord for more than 2 seconds, then fade out.

Use a volume control, volume pedal, eBow, EHX Freeze, compressor, etc.

Manipulate the Pitch A & Pitch B knobs. End up at 1.000 to avoid belltree FX.

Use the mouse in H9 Control, exp. pedal, aux switches, etc. to sequence pitches.

Expression Pedal Heel: Pitch A = 1.000

Expression Pedal Heel: Pitch B = 1.000

Expression Pedal Toe: Pitch A = 0.749

Expression Pedal Toe: Pitch B = 1.498

Hit the Repeat switch for stuttering pitches within the note sequence.

Bring one or both Feedback controls to 0 to chop out parts of the sequence.

Feedback to zero for more than 2 seconds clears one or both note sequences.

Changing Pitch Cntrl to Micro or Normal adds microtonal components to the loop.

Add glitching artifacts and hesitations by changing Type to an H9xx model.

Bypass (with DSP FX setting) "freezes" the sequence from additional input.


PitchFactorH910 H949AnybrockJune 14, 2018305

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