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Some TimeFactor, PitchFactor, and H9 Special algorithms can be set up for phrase loops. Yes, they're relatively short [3 seconds in the TF; 2000 or 1480 ms. in the PF], but two loops are available, in stereo. That's long enough - and capable enough - for some short repeating phrases, loops drifting out of phase, evolving glitch & stutter phrases, or seemless ambient loop buildups.

A base patch for experimentation might start out like this.

"Record & Overdub" Mode = 100% in Feedback A & Feedback B
"Undo / Re-Record / Stop" Mode = 0% in Feedback A & Feedback B
"Play" Mode = Bypass using system setting DSP + FX
"Stutter" Mode = Repeat / Flex switch
I usually set up a preset to use the expression pedal for the most used component (both Feedback controls from 100%-0% here). You can duplicate that with an Aux switch set to control both KB8 & KB9. The switch or HotSwitch (instant loop stop) has a different feel than the expression pedal (fade to stop, and adjustable loop decay). Both are useful in parallel. The expression pedal can be adjusted midway (as a 'Decay" control), or rapidly pushed heel-to-toe and back again. The latter will "deconstruct" the loops; chopping out some sections, and leaving other components in the loop.

Flex/Performance can be another common Aux setting, or Active / Bypass for Play (loop continues while you play over it). Using enough interaction with ACT/BYP, Flex, and Feedback leads to some very complex repeating phrases, and ones that evolve over time.

The preset above drifts out-of-phase seven times before coming back into sync on the eighth repeat. Changing Delay B to 1875 ms. loops in 16 repeats. Varying the second delay offset changes the Reich-like phase looping from subtle & long to drastic and short phasing (until sync realignment).


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