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Expression Pedal Heel: Verb Mix = 0%

Expression Pedal Heel: Verb Decay = 100 seconds

Expression Pedal Heel: Feedback A = 100%

Expression Pedal Heel: Feedback B = 100%

Expression Pedal Toe: Verb Mix = 100%

Expression Pedal Toe: Verb Decay = 5.0 seconds

Expression Pedal Toe: Feedback A = 0%

Expression Pedal Toe: Feedback B = 0%

Offset reverse delays in semi-infinite loops that build and deconstruct over time.

Flex switch shifts reversed delays up one octave. Pitch shifts are baked into loops.

EXP PED introduces loop decays + reverb burst from low-mix cavern to dripping wet room.

Slow pedal throw fades out loops into the distance. Fast throw = semi-gated FX.


PitchFactorCrystalsAnybrockJune 14, 2018271

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