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While Repeat is latched, the parameters can still be manipulated with an expression pedal, so the loops can dynamically evolve. And since a latched Repeat is essentially 100% Feedback, the actual feedback controls can be set somewhat lower. Un-latch Repeat, and the loops can decay at adjustable rates.

Expression Pedal Heel: Delay A = 75 ms.

Expression Pedal Toe: Delay A = 3000 ms.

Delay A = a short slapback flutter echo + quick fade at the default (EXP PED heel).

Delay B = a long loop with a somewhat long decay time. Mirrored notes minus the flutter.

The Repeat switch latches the loops for infinite feedback & loop mangling in Delay A.

Expression pedal speeds / drags the "tape reels" for extreme pitch bends in Delay A.

Latch Repeat [Delay A buffer full] for retro tape speed pitchbending and '50's space FX.

Unlatch Repeat for long loop decays that can still be manipulated with the EXP PED.


TimeFactorVintage DelayAnybrockJune 14, 2018242

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