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Slow Gear ENVGEN

Start out with the THRESHOLD control relatively high ... around -6.0 dB. Then carefully adjust the THRESHOLD for your own particular strength of pick / finger attack. Fractional deciBels between -6.0 and 0.0 dB can make a big difference in the output.

This preset starts out with a 'slow gear' effect, with a ramping attack & 1-second RELEASE time. The expression pedal lengthens that envelope decay to 4 seconds. Make adjustments to that 'recovery' time so that you don't step on the next notes played.

The HotSwitch shifts the envelope to fast attack + quick release. Clipped, funky notes (plus a THRESHOLD that worked better for my picking style). Combinations of HotSwitch'ed & expression pedal allow you to create many different envelope shapes on-the-fly.


SpaceDynaVerbAnybrockJune 28, 2018250

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