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Vacuum Suck Gate

Many of the H9 / 'Factor algorithms can mimic envelope and gating characteristics without an integrated compressor. Besides, I've always been a sucker for these Poltergist / Hendrix type of effects, when used sparingly.

The expression pedal mapping simply folds in the depth of modulation. One favorite technique is to set TEMPO ON, then play to the reverse reverb in a call-and-response manner. With precise timing, it's easy to create complex & overlapping phrases out of sparse input. Pauses are followed by a sudden 'gate' after DECAY time completion.

Use the HotSwitch here to kick in an infinite dimensional SIZE, and also add a FEEDBACK loop around the entire algorithm. Detuning and pitch bends can occur over time with expression pedal control over MOD-LEVEL. A beautiful holding pattern pushing a wall of sound; one that churns and recycles.

Disengaging the HotSwitch quickly brings up the reverse envelope once again, followed by the 'gate' slamming shut.


SpaceReverse ReverbAnybrockJune 28, 2018291

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