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Expression Pedal Heel:  Feedback A = 110%

Expression Pedal Heel:  Feedback B = 110%

Expression Pedal Heel:  Mod Depth= 10

Expression Pedal Toe:  Feedback A = 0%

Expression Pedal Toe:  Feedback B = 0%

Expression Pedal Toe:  Mod Depth= 20 

"Utterly without redeeming social value" preset.  Crazy vibrato in phase-offset loops.

The Repeat switch latches feedback anywhere from the default runaway setting on down.

EXP PED increases modulation depth while decaying the loops (+ base pitch shifting).

Not for the squeamish, but can be tamed (lower Mod) for fast-syncing phased looping.



TimeFactorVintage DelayAnybrockJune 14, 2018254

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