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Here is "Space Echo 1" my first user patch to share with everyone here. It is based on the gorgeous warm analog like sound of the Time Factor's Tape Echo algorithm. I created this patch taking reference from the sonic characteristics of actual Roland RE Series of tape echo machines that I service including the RE201 and RE501. Hope you enjoy it.

Tips: * Use an Expression Pedal as it's mapped to the Saturation, Flutter and Filter parameters. In the 'Heel' position it replicates the sound of a pretty well maintained but old machine, in the 'TOE' position the sound is a combination of a worn, dirty and slightly misaligned playback head with a slightly wonky motor and the tape is old and easily saturated. Also feel free to swap or include Exp control for the "Wow" parameter. Adjust the "Wet Mix" Knob to find the right dose for your application. Suitable for all solo instruments or full mix use.


TimeFactorTape EchoAnyentreat69May 08, 2017546

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