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Spacemen 2

An alternative take on the classic Spacemen 3 overdriven Jen/Vox V809 Repeat Percussion sound. This time with a bit of reverb in the mix. Running into a mildly driven amp, the sound isn't that bad. The expression pedal controls the filter sweep on the high frequencies, which adds to the sound. For an example of where I'm trying to get to see the youtube video. The preset is nowhere near as raw as what Pete Kember is getting out of what is presumably his Vox Starstreamer's onboard effects (boost, fuzz, V809 and palm wah (!). To get closer to the sound one of the resonant wah presets on the Sonuus Wahoo (F06 in particular) can get you quite close if you stick it in front of the H9.

SpaceTremoloVerbAnyMattxxxxMay 07, 2017279

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