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Spacemen V809

Attempt to get the overdrive and trem sound that defined some of the best of the Spacemen 3's sound. Essentially the stripped back Vox/Jen V809 repeat percussion (a brutally simple sawtooth effect) with a treble boost/overdrive behind it. A good example is the youtube video below. To get the sound myself, I wobbled a half-cocked Sonuus Wahoo on a resonant wah setting (basically F06) in front of the H9 to get the hollowed out phasing treble. Back in the day would have been a crybaby into a cheap fuzz into a V809 (or more likely the Vox Starstreamer's onboard effects. May need to play with some other algorithms to see if can get closer to the . Or possibly need another H9 to combine...

ModFactorTremoloPanGuitarMattxxxxMay 07, 2017868

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