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Eventide Timefactor Looper Demo


Monday, January 23, 2017

First thing I've been meaning to do upon setting up a camera to do some videos is showing off the criminally neglected and underrated looper in the Eventide Timefactor. I use it extensively in finding interesting loops, making glitchy sample-noise stuff. Lots of controllable parameters in there which offers a huge range of possibilities, even before running it through other effects.

Some of the looper functions demo-ed include:
Recording modes (speed, playback mode)
Recording speed (4 speeds x fwd & bwd)
Pitch-shifting (Ocatves, 5ths, 7ths, Chromatic, Smooth)
Overdubbing (Latch, Punch, Replace mode for chopping up samples)
Loop start & end (down to a few ms; overdub different sections of a larger loop, replace with silence for chopping effect)

—Heidi Wai-Yee Chan