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How to Fix Audio Phasing - Eventide Precision Time Align Overview


Monday, December 11, 2017

Eventide’s Precision Time Align will help you generate perfectly synchronized double-tracked recordings, and entirely eliminate timing anomalies from your mix, especially on multi-miked drums, vocals and instruments. This is the first time its available in native AAX, AU, & VST formats. The nature of combining sounds dictates that there is always phase interaction. We wouldn’t want to hinder that because good phase interaction gives our music depth and richness. When two mics record the same signal, out of phase, the depth and richness is lost and it has an adverse effect on the quality of the music. Whether you wish to correlate multiple tracks of a single instrument, compensate for phasing from different mics on a kick drum, or align audio segments for a tracking-only session, Precision Time Align is ideal for these and endless other similar engineering tasks.