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Exploring Anthology XII with Alex Pro Mix

We recently chatted with Alex Solano, from Alex Pro Mix, for some engineering tips on making musical mixes that consistently inspire.

Using only the plug-ins from the new Anthology XII plug-in bundle, Alex quickly navigated the multi-track mix session for the song “Mutual” by Kia St. Petersburg, dynamically transforming the listening experience along the way within minutes. Check out the below video where Alex walks us through how he uses these various plugins tighten up drums, giving them more punch, while applying a widening effect. He continues by cleaning the muddy bass tracks with utilities such as eChannel, EQ45, and the Omnipressor® before giving it more distorted grit with CrushStation®. He also features SplitEQ to highlight the brightness of the guitar’s sheen, rebalancing its muddiness while using Omnipressor® for dynamic control. 

“The plug-ins from the Anthology bundle are a great start for anyone looking for that classic analog sound quality without compromise to quality and fidelity.”

Taking the vocals into another world of harmony with Octavox, Solano makes the vocoder in this session the real star — adding the H910 Harmonizer® in dual mode — for pseudo spreading and the classic chamber reverb settings of the multi-purpose UltraVerb.  

Download Alex Mix Pro’s Pro Tools session here.

The Anthology XII bundle benchmarks an essential collection of award-winning studio processors, classic effects, corrective utilities, and forward-thinking creative signal processors at the forefront of audio technology. The 33 total plug-ins included in the  Anthology XII bundle offer all the tools needed to take your sonic story to its next heights. 

Learn more about the Anthology XII bundle, and download the free fully functional 30-day demo visit here.

About Alex Pro Mix Musician, Mix Engineer, and Music Producer Alex Solano leverages his formal education and over two decades of experience producing for international hit artists in the Latin Urban, Reggae/Dancehall, Electronic, Pop, and Rap genres to continuously deliver his client’s professional mixing results, every time. 

With the founding Alex Pro Mix, Solano offers his expertise and shares his passion for the craft through vocation and education. Offering musical mixing and mastering services, many learning resources, extensive private coaching sessions, and more, Alex Pro Mix seeks to exceed client expectations, by consistently making their music sound great.