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Does H9 Control run on Android devices?

Yes. You can download the Android version of H9 Control here or by clicking the link below.

I’m using Cubase which only supports sidechaining in VST3’s. Is there a way I can use Match EQ?

EQuivocate’s sidechain inputs show up as inputs 3 & 4 to the VST2 plug-in. Some versions of Cubase allow you to route audio to these inputs via a Quadro Group Bus.

Watch this video for more information:

Does EQuivocate support VST3?

Currently we only support VST2, though we’ve had a lot of requests for VST3 support and are looking in to it.

Does my VST host load 32 bit or 64 bit plug-ins?

We have no way of knowing. You'll have to get this information from your VST host's developer.

Can I use my Eventide native plug-In in a 32-bit environment?

When you install them it automatically installs both 32 and 64-bit. You can, however, do a custom install of only the 32-bit if you so desire.

What versions of Pro Tools do Eventide AAX Native plug-ins work with.

Eventide AAX Native plug-ins will work with Pro Tools 10.3.6 and above. If you have a version of Pro Tools 10 which is lower than 10.3.6, please use the free update to the latest version of Pro Tools 10.

I cannot activate the side chain on my VST plug-in.

VST2 does not support side chain functionality natively. As such, we do not support side chain on VST. If you're using a Mac and a DAW with Audio Units support, the AU version of the plug-in will support the side chain.

Will there be VST3 support?

While we hope to eventually support VST3, we do not currently and do not have a timeline for VST3 support.

Will there be an AAX64 version of all your products?

We have now added AAX64 support to the shipping installers for all native plug-ins.