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Does H9 Control run on Android devices?

Yes. You can download the Android version of H9 Control here or by clicking the link below.

Can I import my presets from 2016 Stereo Room into SP2016 Reverb?

Yes, you can import your presets from 2016 Stereo Room into the SP2016 plugin. Presets for Eventide plugins are stored by default under (~/Documents/Eventide/[Name of plugin]/Presets).

Can user created sigfiles for the H8000 run on the H9000?

Yes, if you have the actual source sigfiles. If they are stored on the H8000, they are in a compiled format that we currently don’t have a mechanism for extracting the source sigfile from.

I’m using Cubase which only supports sidechaining in VST3’s. Is there a way I can use Match EQ?

EQuivocate’s sidechain inputs show up as inputs 3 & 4 to the VST2 plug-in. Some versions of Cubase allow you to route audio to these inputs via a Quadro Group Bus.

Watch this video for more information:

Does EQuivocate support VST3?

Currently we only support VST2, though we’ve had a lot of requests for VST3 support and are looking in to it.