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Fission/Physion Name Change

How do I see the new Physion name in iLok License Manager?

In order for you to see the name change, do the following:

  1. Ensure your computer has Internet access
  2. Launch iLok License Manager
  3. Go to Preferences > Licenses and select Remove Account Data Saved On Computer
  4. Relaunch iLok License Manager and sign in

I updated to Physion, why does my DAW still show the plug-in name as ‘Fission’ in effect inserts and/or the available plug-ins menu?

Some DAWs cache the names of plug-ins in their general settings, or in session settings (e.g. for insert names). Resetting the DAW’s cache files and rescanning your plug-ins should fix this issue.

In particular, if you are using Logic Pro or GarageBand, you can reset the cache with the following steps:

Will I lose my settings or presets if I update to Physion from Fission?

There is 100% session compatibility between Physion and Fission so you will not lose any settings or presets.

If I already own Fission and update to Physion, will my existing Fission license still work?

Yes, the license is the exact same. In iLok License Manager, you may notice that the name of the license is still "Fission." You can update it by following these instructions.

Whether you update the name in the iLok License Manager or install the updated plug-in, your license will still work. If it does not, please contact support.

If I already own Fission, do I have to update to Physion?

There is no requirement to update, though we strongly recommend you do so, if only for consistency with online documentation, support, etc. Plus, by updating to Physion you will benefit from ongoing bug fixes and optimizations.

How do I update to Physion?

Simply download and run the Physion installer for your OS. You may also want to update the license name in iLok License Manager. For instructions on how to do that, click here

Is Physion a different plug-in from Fission?

They are the same plug-in. The name change is simply that and only that. Physion IS Fission!