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Can I run CV into this pedal?

Yes! The dot9 family of pedals supports CV. Set the jack to EXP mode (which is the default). The limit is a max of 3.3V.

I'm running my pedal in stereo: It seems like output 1 is relatively dry while output 2 is fully wet. Is this correct?

It sounds like you may be using a mono cable with the switch set for stereo. Make sure you’re wired correctly for stereo input (if that is what is indeed intended), and that the switch is set the correct way. Remember, the switch determines the input, not the output. For instance, if you’re simply trying to run stereo into two amps you should leave the switch in “Mono.” If something sounds funny, chances are, you may have the switch set incorrectly or be wired the wrong way.

Do dot9 Pedals sound the same as the corresponding algorithms in H9, Space, H9000 etc.?

While the algorithms are the same, there may be a slight perceptible variance in sound due to the different hardware architectures employed in the pedals.

What is the sample rate?

Because there is no digital I/O the sample rate is optimized for maximum audio performance for each effect and is program dependent.

Are the dot9 Pedals (Blackhole, MicroPitch Delay, and UltraTap) compatible with other pedals?

Yes. If you’re using a dot9 Pedal with a distortion pedal, we recommend that you connect it after the distortion pedal. In general, it’s best to place reverb or delays after distortion effects. That said, use whatever sequence works best for your sound.

Does Generate’s Octave parameter affect Key Track modulation?

Yes, it does. Key Tracking is calculated using the Generate’s pitch after modifiers such as Octave, Portamento, and Pitch Bend have been applied.

Can I use Aftertouch as a modulator?

Yes. In Generate, the Pressure modulation out also outputs Aftertouch data—though the LPG Pressure modulation knob only appears when MPE is enabled.

Is it possible to always see the modulation cables always?

Yes, you can see these by navigating to the SETTINGS menu and turning on SHOW CABLES ALWAYS.  You can make this change permanent by saving over the Default preset in the “00 Default Preset/Default” location.

Can I change the default settings?

Yes, you can change the default settings by selecting any current settings you like (including those in the SETTINGS window) and saving that preset in the “00 Default Preset/Default” location.