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it would be easier if people could read these.

3 on 4 polyrhythm

Digital Delay

Mix: Up to you.

Dly Mix: 7:10

Time A/B: 526ms/694ms

Fdbk A/B: 30/43

Xnob: 3ms Mod/Filter off… add to taste.

Seek Wah:

Band Delay

Dly Mix: 7:10

Time A/B: 470ms/222ms

Fdbk A/B: 0/19

Xnob: 8

Depth: 1

Speed: 0.37hz

Filter: Hipass

The Seek Wah patch only sounds like its stepping thru 4 steps… needs a few more tweaks to get longer step settings… ill crack it soon

Tape Flange:

Tape Echo

Dly Mix: 10/10

Time A/B: 0ms/0-7ms

Fdbk A/B: 20/80



Speed: 2

*w/Tape Flanger, the two Fdbk settings interact w/each other. twist the knobs and see how many different shades of flange you can get. I just recommend 20/80 for the traditional Flange sound. *Depth/Wow now sets the depth of the flange.

Better U2 setting

Vintage Delay

DlyMix: 10:6

Time A/B: 370ms/124ms

Fdbk A/B:15/0

Xnob: 15

Depth: 5

Speed: 1.81hz

Filter: Off

Bell Reverb
WetMix: 74
DlyMixA/B: 10:3
Fdbk A/B:94/31
Time A/B: 8ms/140ms
Xnob: 7
Depth: 3
Filter: 33

*gets pretty sitar-like. very cool overtones can be somewhat tuned w/Depth knob