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Hi Paul,


Is a good approach to put all the patches you need in say the first 5 banks and lock the pedal down to only 5 banks before a gig?

Yes, limiting the banks for live use is the recommended way to go. You could also use an Aux Switch to control Bank Down, which could make Presets easier to access.


I find it is quite easy to accidentally hit one of the knobs on the pedal, changing that patches settings. Is there a way to lock the patch when playing live? Is there an easy way to 'undo' the changes to a patch when this happens?

There is a way to lock knob positions to prevent accidental changes. It's a System Menu item called "CATCHUP."

To activate CATCHUP, first enter System Mode by holding down both the Right Footswitch and the Encoder for a few seconds. Then Turn the Encoder knob clockwise until you see UTILITY. Press the Encoder Button to enter the UTILITY Menu and you will see CATCHUP.

Press the Encoder button to enter the CATCHUP menu and turn the Encoder knob from OFF to ON.

Exit System Mode by pressing and holding the Right Footswitch and Encoder knob again.

When CATCHUP is ON, a knob will not change your Preset setting until you turn it to the physical location of the saved setting.