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Hey, Brock! The Space manual is under the support section, stompboxes, Space… I think they just put it up in the last day or two.


And yeah, I was just thinking from a guitarist's point of view. Actually, I'd still want a MIDI controller to send program change. That way, I could use the MIDI program maps to setup "scenes" (for lack of a better term). I could still access individual programs on the fly on each pedal and use the controller to switch everything at once.

As for the PF, I must've missed it in that one. I forget which pedal I was looking at, think it was the TF – I know it's not in the TF manual, but I don't remember it being on the pedal, either, although it could've been the MF I was remembering. And it could have changed with V3, as I applied that upgrade the last time I was reconfiguring my pedalboard.

Mostly what's going on here is just thinking aloud while I wait for my latest toy… Space! But if they come out with a MIDI controller that can replace a keyboardist, sign me up!! 😉 Just kidding… you know how many guitarists it takes to screw in a light bulb… 😉

Seriously, though, you're right about this being a very powerful system, even more so with a rack processor or two. There are so many ways to control and manipulate this stuff in real time, just a completely different mindset from plugging a Strat into a wah and an amp. Honestly, I've always been slightly envious of keyboardists' ability to manipulate sounds and it's great to get into the same ballpark without racks full of equipment. Even the rack I used back in the day didn't have 1/10th the flexibility.