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Here's my 2 Cents!

First off, I'd like to be the 1,000th customer to second the custom scale feature idea, preferably in the form of a software editor.  Trying to program something like that in pedal could be useful in an emergency, but otherwise seems like it might be a bit complicated and tedious.

Also, since I'm a sax player, it would be nice to see some system presets for horns and/or voice.  I'm sure the synth lead is pretty close, but it'd be a good marketing move if nothing else to target a wider audience of people who are starting to use pedals.

Finally, and this might be a stretch, I personally could use a 4 voice chromatic pitch shifter.  This seems like it might be easier than the included 4 voice diatonic setting because it would use fixed pitch ratios, but maybe not. 


Dave Dolengewicz