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Gigrig generator with Eveflo adapters will do it.  It's not a cheap way to go – especially after you add in Distributors, other isolated supplies such as Virtual batteries or other voltage options.

I'm currently running:

MC-401 Line Driver>Turbo Tuner>POG2>Maxon CP9 Pro+>Empress Multidrive (@ 18 volts)>Xotic EP Booster>Modfactor>TC Flashback

Everything is on virtual batteries or other isolated supply except the Turbo Tuner and EP Booster – for which I will be getting another 18 volt Doubler from Gigrig.

This system has a lot of advantages to me, including that it is modular, can be purchased in pieces as funds allow and most of the pieces can be secured easily with just velcro under my Pedaltrain.  It puts out plenty of juice (5 amps) is dual voltage and has a self healing fuse.

Certainly not in everyone's budget but – like I said, you can start out with the basics and add in pieces such as virtual batteries over time.