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E.M Pulinx
yes ,indeed!


1) employing other equipments :


As my Rivera is a tube amp,I could suspect the tubes !

I employed  then  2 others amps in stereo with others cables in another studio ,looping in the Eclipse (Prg Ring Tap mod with no modifications) and then in the H8000  with Disp A on Prg Black Hole : I got also a big bang,also infrequently, ,just as with the Rivera in my own studio.


2) just with the H8000 :


I have to put out the loop the Eclipse, letting the H8000 alone  then ?


3) delay memory prb :


I let on different occasions  Disp A on "Majestic plate " or "Glorious Chrs Canyon , and Disp B on "Beyond the stars or "intervallic quad"  and I couldn't hear  any bang ,but I will verify on a longer period if it does not happen with these 2 others Verbs