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We don't believe there is really "good default values" for any effect as:

-all fx are not created by a single module. A reverb is a combination of diffusors/early reflections/reverb/eq. A Flanger uses feedback/lfo/delay…..

-any FX may sound good to somebody and not so good to the next person…. 

-UI is what translates parameters to users. It's not secondary.

-the units offer such a vast variety of examples that the user should listen and choose which are his/her favorite sounds and settings.

-the learning value of how an FX is built is something we can't have a sub for. Editing/building algorithms is not a must as there are many available. When a specific need arises…there are involved knowledge aspects we can't really take care of, pretty much like a guitar building company can't teach how to play different music style on a guitar

-we do offer a forum area where discussions – Qs/As – sugesstions and interactive activity among users should help.

If you'd ask me which is a good default reverb, I could easily come up with a couple of dozen totally different structures and parameters sets….a room, hall, plate, chamber, with pre or post EQ, with delays in or around the verb, w/different types of filters, with modulation or without…… 

Building algorithms is an art and a labour of love. The H8000FW is a true lab and a repository of the finest examples available to you.

all the best