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Your analogy of wanting the EMT plate verb out of the PCM80 is great – but in this case, I think the actual situation is a little bit different. For instance, I would *love* to have the "Crystal Echoes" patch on the TF – but I know it's beyond the scope of it's processing power to do this (or maybe…?)

In any case, I don't think anyone is requesting any additional sounds or functionalities, I think it's more that the vintage delay just doesn't sound very vintage. I've read on another thread that it's a digital approximation of a vintage delay, and that's why it sounds so fizzy and spattery when the bit rate goes lower, so I understand that, but -if it were possible- why not shoot for a sound that would be more useful?

It's true about the pedal vs. rack thing – when you've got a rack processor for each type of effect – and they all do ONE thing well, it's different. Just load up x processor for that analog delay sound, and let y processor do the digital thing. But in a pedal form, the options to have one pedal for one sound get cramped by space limitations and practicality. My hope was that the TF could be the ONE delay I have on my board. I don't need it to be a Memory Man, an Ibanez delay, a Boss Digital Delay and an actual tape echo all at once – I just wish it could do something *like* them – and the only thing I feel is lacking is the analog delay sound.

Again, I appreciate all the feedback about this.