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 Thanks, Alvin.

That preset is a quad one. It means it uses Xpan (L/R) and Ypan (Front Rear). In addition to that it also has 4 inputs, each one going to a separate detuner.

If you want to use this one in stereo I/O you will have to set the unit Routing so that the 2 channels you are feeding to the unit will go to the 4 preset inputs. If you are using analog input 1 and 2 you may want to send 

in 1 > DSP A in 1

in 2 > DSP A in 2

in 1 > DSP A in 3

in 2 > DSP A in 4

I assume you are already running four outputs from the Eventide thru some kind of mixing device or software- Keep the preset panning as it is so that each detuner will be going out on a single output.

Yes you can have 4 detuners on a single stereo track. I don't see why you couldn't…unless you want to further process some of the 4 voices in a different way from the others.

Notice how the detuners are set to mirror values (7/-7 cents and 14/-14 cents). Usually this technique works great in full pan stereo image. In this case I would probably reverse the +/- values on one of the couples so that each speaker gets a + and a – value…like 7 and -14 on LEFT and -7 and 14 on the right….this will keep detuning balanced in the listener brain. You way also want to experiment with delay settings; there are already offset for a nice chorusing effect.

The tightness parameter is cool! It helps keeping those delays offset by a specific value or tight.

Obviously in a quad/5.1 recording things would sound much more interesting, given the wide spacial enhancement those delays provide and their detuned sound.

Something else you could (I would suggest "should") try is loading 2 instances of 1618 Micropitch (+/-) in the 2 DSPs and run the outputs in stereo. Each detuner is modulated by +/- x cents…so offsetting detuning and delay values does the trick. More "movement" is happening here because of more detuning voices and modulation of their pitch. Lots of action. You may like it better.

Have fun!!!